community supported agriculture

What IS a CSA?

'CSA' stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA Farm Share is a season-long agreement between a farmer and a customer that ensures the farmer makes a livable wage and the consumer receives a bounty of vegetables each week during the growing season.  Click here for more information about how CSAs are awesome. 

How ours works

Sign up by May 31st. We appreciate payment in full, but if this is not possible, please contact us to work out a payment plan.

22 weeks of bountiful fresh picked produce

season runs first week of June through October

quick, convenient pick-up in downtown Sandpoint*

$650 for the season/ $29.50 per week

*pickup will likely be Wednesday afternoons at Matchwood Brewery. We will email you with details. 





LIMITED SHARES AVAILABLE: we expect to sell out. Sign up today!

payment options: select at checkout

pay with cash; we will contact you to make arrangements

         -select "offline payment" at checkout

pay with check; made out to Red Wheelbarrow Produce

                                       send to 524 Trotter Ln Sandpoint ID 83864

         -select "offline payment" at checkout

pay online when you checkout;

          we will add a 3% service fee to cover the credit card fees we pay.

          Total will be $669.50

Some ways CSAs are awesome:

  • Customers get a steady supply of the freshest, healthiest, most grown-with-love-est vegetables anyone has ever seen

  • Growers can be assured of a market for their produce; a huge benefit to us, especially in these uncertain times.

  • Affordability; by eliminating the middle man, customers get more food at a lower price; plus the produce is so fresh that you won't believe how long it lasts and how little you waste. Also, we keep close track of our boxes and make sure you make out with more produce than you paid for, and not by a little. If you've ever bought our bunches of chard, you know that we like to make sure our people are well fed. Shares may seem small in June, but trust us...it will all even out (plus some) as the season progresses.

  • Know where your food comes from. We are a small family, and we care ​more than you know about the quality of our soil, and thus the quality of our food. We love what we do, and we think our love comes through in the food. Hopefully it will sneak out of you and keep circulating though our community and out into the world beyond!


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