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how it works 

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May 9th will be our last SATURDAY pickup

we have changed our pickup days to WEDNESDAY, beginning May 20th

sorry to keep changing things. we hope this is the last change.

-it probably isn't-

  • ORDER ONLINE: Thursdays 9am to Mondays 5pm 

(we will be opening early, on Sunday May 10th

for this first Wednesday pickup)

  • PICKUPS: Wednesday 3-5 @ Matchwood Brewery

  • If you place an order, you will receive an

email confirming your pickup date, time, and location


frequently asked questions

How long will plants be available?

 We have thousands of plant starts in our nursery and we hope you keep ordering them until your garden is bursting at the seams or until we run out (probably around June 10 or later)

Do I have to order every week?

No, silly! Do you have to go to the grocery store every week?

It's up to you. Order when you want. Don't when you don't want. 

Do I have to have an account to order?

Nope. Just click shop farm store on the website header and get started.

Is there an extra fee for ordering online?

No. These are our farmers' market prices. We figure you probably have enough craziness in your economic world right now.  In fact, see above for sliding scale information for the online store. 

there will probably be more frequently asked questions once we start doing this frequently. 

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