We plant head lettuce every week all season long to ensure that it is always fresh and tender. We grow four types of head lettuce, all of which are fantastic for different reasons!

Summer Crisp- our favorite for crunch. it's a cross of leaf lettuce and romaine. The hearts are sweet and crunchy with some nice soft outer leaves. 

Red Leaf- soft and leafy and big and sweet. This is a more tender head of lettuce with nice curly edges....a good looker on a sandwhich. We grow pretty darn big heads of red leaf. 

Red Butterhead- like it's name, the hearts are buttery. Soooo tender and delicious, a textural experience in it's own right. You definitely get a little bit less leaf overall, but you can't beat the butter. 

Romaine- crunch crunch. We are experimenting with new varieties this year....this is a whole head of romaine, so it's not just the super crunchy heart. The outer leaves are sturdy and strong and delicious too though, just a bit less of that delicious ribbing. 

head lettuce

  • preparation & storage

    We wash everything as well as we can, but heads of lettuce can hide special treats. We recommend preparing your lettuce and then washing it again in cold water, then spinning it dry before using. Our heads will keep whole or prepared this way for a looooooooong time.....probably 2 weeks! But I dare you to not finish it before that....

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