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Veteran grower Avi Corsini of Red Wheelb

If you feel moved and able to pitch in a little bit extra to offset this offer, 

please click "i can pay a bit extra today"

to make a small gift. 

We thank you for your generosity.

We will not accept gifts over the amount of discounts we have given.

If gifts overwhelm discounts, this option will be removed.

In these ever-changing times,

life can sometimes feel unsteady underfoot. 

We are intensely grateful for what we have. We are blessed with a community that brings us deep joy, including but not limited to our deeply satisfying love for our growing biological family. For some of you, this year has brought upheaval, uncertainty, or dis-ease. We honor every person's journey and believe that EVERYONE has the right to high quality food as the foundation for a good life. 


While our business is certainly impacted by this pandemic, we do not feel that our livelihood is threatened by the economic disaster that this year has brought. If you feel economic hardship, we welcome you to self-select a discounted rate of pay at checkout. Simply click the "select my rate of pay" button and enter any of the following options for discounts. 

(you can copy and paste if you like):



**We ask that you kindly not use these discounts for CSA memberships**

you are welcome to use them unlimited times throughout the season

10% off       20% off      30% off     40% off     50% off   

60% off       70% off      80% off     90% off     100% off   

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