sandpoint fresh carrots and potatoes
red wheelbarrow produce
is a small farm
in sandpoint, idaho.
we have been growing
all natural produce,
herbs, plant starts
for our community
since 2008.
spring peas bursting with life

we grow food

because we love food;

growing it, cooking it,

eating it, sharing it.



we strive to produce food,

efficiently and sustainably,

by which our friends, family,

and extended community

feel nourished

and in the process

leave the earth 

and our selves

better than when we began.



all of our produce & plant starts

are grown on our farm

with love and intention

in sandpoint, idaho. 

2022 CSA update
As of March, we have decided to discontinue our CSA for the 2022 season.

With two small children,
we are focusing this year on soil building and spending time together. 
It is likely that we will still be at most 
market days in Sandpoint and as of now, we are planning to continue to supply Winterridge Natural Foods with a selection of our produce. 

We LOVE growing your garden starts, and couldn't stop or cut back in 2022.

We have seasonal plant starts available at Winterridge starting in late March and will
be at the Farmers' Market with our full selection of plants
April 30th 2022