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We grow every kind of vegetable we can manage on the farm. A few we try to keep in stock for the whole growing season:

spring mix

spicy mix

baby arugula

baby kale

bunched kale

bunched chard



Our bagged greens are seeded weekly so that they are fresh, tender, and mild. 

They are all triple washed and dried for easy use and long lasting freshness.


We grow plant starts from seed in certified organic potting soil and we love selling starts to our local gardeners. All of the varieties we sell are the ones that we have found to work best for us in this climate, so you will be off to a great start for your growing season. We make sure to harden off plants before they find you so that you can go home and put them right in the ground!

We grow all kinds of starts! 

Click here for a list of our 2018 tomato varieties

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