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Red Wheelbarrow Produce is a 2.5 acre intensive uncertified organic family run market farm in Sandpoint, Idaho. We started selling produce and plant starts in 2008 off of a quarter acre piece of leased land. In 2017 we began cultivating our own piece of land, which includes 4.5 acres of fenced garden, of which we cultivate 2.5 acres; 146 100ft beds plus a moveable 30x72 high tunnel with 3 plots and a 25x85 stationary nursery/tomato house. We grow a diverse array of market produce using the most “natural” techniques we can muster; we do not spray even certified organic pesticides, choosing instead exclusion techniques and soil health as preventative measures and occasionally (rarely) losing crops in favor of compromising our values. We are moving away from soil disturbance (tilling, etc) in favor of no-till techniques, but we are still in the middle of this process and do occasionally still till. Our markets include the thriving twice-weekly Farmers’ Market at Sandpoint, our local small grocer, and a small handful of restaurant accounts. We have high standards for the quality of our produce and plant starts, and spend time and energy ensuring that our products meet or surpass the standards of our customers.



The farm is staffed by owners Tony and Emily, a farm manager, and a one or two person harvest crew. We welcomed our first child in May of 2019, inspiring the addition of the harvest manager position to our small family operation.  As humans, we consider ourselves loving, kind, hard working folk; we respect each other (we are not a dramatic family), try to tread lightly on the earth, and consider hiking and camping our ideal "free-time" activities. We do not discriminate and tend to remain friends with our former co-workers for a long long time. We value laughter, efficiency, growth, order, kindness, and learning within our work.


Sandpoint is a beautiful small town on Lake Ponderay and nestled between the Cabinet and Selkirk Mountain ranges. Our farm is about 10 miles from town, 5 miles from the lake, and 1.5 miles from the nearest swimming hole in the Pack River. We have a geodesic dome available for the full time position in the case of a person coming from outside of town, and we are open to considering couples in this arrangement. We do not offer housing for harvest crew. All positions include farm lunch on work days and produce for your personal consumption.



The Harvest Manager position includes being a member of our field crew as well as managing harvests. Candidates ideally have at least one full season of farming experience. This position runs from April-October. We expect approximately 40 hours of work/week, though this may be a bit less in the shoulder seasons and a bit more in peak season. This position involves taking direction as well as self-driven work, repetitive motion, heavy lifting, and other physical labor in occasionally intense weather conditions (mostly hot sun, sometimes sleet and driving wind). 

 Responsibilities will include:

-Participating in weekly field walks and participating in conversations regarding field work priorities.

-Regular daily field work; nursery work, bed prep, transplanting, weeding/cultivating, pruning, managing row covers, etc. This position does not include or require planning plantings or successions or determining varieties or quantities of product to grow for our market. 

-Harvest day management

            -Overseeing certain crops and managing their harvest times & quantities based on orders, growth status, market sales, etc.

            -Harvesting and processing produce

            -Managing harvest crew members

            -Organizing and filling orders and efficiently packing for market. 

-Farmers’ Market: We are flexible as to whether or not this position includes farmers’ market and deliveries. We find these tasks to be extremely personal and we are open to having a separate market crew member if customer service is not your strong suit. If you love market, we can likely use you there. 

-Occasional off-hour help may be requested, such as opening or closing greenhouses, watering the nursery, or switching irrigation.

We have systems in place on our farm that, for the most part, we like and will maintain. This is not a full farm manager position; you will not have the last word on how we run the farm. However there will be elements of the farm that will be in your hands, and we are always open to feedback and trying new ideas that you have to offer.  We are still growing and learning as a farm, and if there is a particular project you are excited about, we are very open to hearing your ideas and possibly funding/collaborating on a project for you to oversee (ex. building projects, mushrooms, pollinator projects, compost tea, etc.)

Pay will be depending on experience, starting at $1000/month plus housing; we greatly value and appreciate quality employees and strive to compensate accordingly. Please inquire for details.   Contact Emily at or (208)265-2689 with questions.

To apply, please send this APPLICATION to or snailmail to 524 Trotter Lane, Sandpoint Idaho 83864


This is a two day per week (Tuesday & Friday) position that involves heavy lifting, potentially extreme weather, early mornings and repetitive motion. You also get to eat the first melon of the season right out of the field. Ideal candidates have a positive attitude, strong attention to detail, and love of vegetables. This position runs from June/July-September/October

Tasks include

-Harvesting, schlepping, cooling, washing, & packing produce for market and wholesale accounts. 

-When there is time, this position may also include regular field work such as transplanting, weeding, watering, etc.

Pay will be depending on experience, starting at $9/hr; we greatly value and appreciate quality employees and strive to compensate accordingly. 

Contact Emily at or (208)265-2689 with questions.

To apply, please send this APPLICATION to or to 524 Trotter Lane, Sandpoint Idaho 83864

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