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cabbage- green

A nice, fresh head of green cabbage.

The week of Dec 27th pickup:

We have lots of tiny heads that are the last picking of our sweet, bright, quick growing summer variety. They are light and crunchy and yum yum yummy.  They are all listed as "small" and are just $1 each!! WOW.


The rest of the green cabbage is the beginning of our delicious storage crop. These are much denser and crisper than the summer variety. They are also bigger, so they are avaiable in medium:$6 (~3 pound), large: $8 (~4 pound), and grande: $10 (~5 pound) options. 


Don't forget about making your own ferments at home. Just add salt and time.


Works out to about $2/pound. This will not be perfect because we can't price by the pound, but we will try to make sure you are getting your money's worth.

cabbage- green

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